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Magic Money Saving Box Greedy Frog Coin Penny Bank

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Magic Money Saving Box Greedy Frog Coin Penny Bank
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This Saving Box is designed and the aim is to stimulate children's interest in exploring science, to save money while enhancing the child's interest.

The Magic Bank - you insert the the coin to the Greedy Saving Bank - the wizard frog will immediately catch it without any effort

You press the handle - the magical frog are instructed to to swallow the coin and will not hesitate; If you would like to take a close look and try to discover the secret, you are failured to contact the Frog Wizard ending up with discovering nothing about this wizard and mysterious Coin Bank.

The opening is at the bottom of the piggy bank and open it when you need money.

Material: metal,plastic and glass
Size: 9.3*10*14cm
Weight: 232g

Package Include:

1*Saving Box

SKU Number:sku7075

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 13 October, 2010.

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